Sunday, August 26, 2007

Er, confession time...

Bird of prey display

Golden Eagle

Aedan and Conall's certificate of sponsorship

Rhiannon's first day at Academy baby photos.

You see, it was raining when we arrived at sil's and when we got inside, I realised I'd left the camera in the car. By raining, I mean stair-rods, so neither of us felt compelled to run back up the hill, (the only remaining parking space) to retrieve it. Still, what can I say? It was a baby. They're all pretty much of a muchness, aren't they? Sil, (not the mother of the baby, older sil) was horrified when I didn't want a 'shot' of the baby, how to make myself (even more) unpopular in one fell swoop.

I always hated my babies being taken away from me and being handed down, I found it very distressing, so I just don't do it. Plus the fact, I hate babies being passed around like a parcel, it's a baby, poor thing! There were at least two dozen people there and they all had a shot, except me. Oh, and the father, which was more strange than me not doing! However, we're getting the opportunity for a private viewing at the end of September, because we've been invited to a wedding and youngest sil is going to have the children for the weekend. I'll get a 'shot' then maybe, in peace with no audience, so nobody will see me make this baby scream. It's just a knack I have!

Anyway, I do have a couple of photos from the Safari park, one of the certificate for the boys' sponsorship, but none of their sponsored owl, because it was rehomed two weeks before we went. Pants.

And Rhiannon, on her first day at Academy. I was so relieved when they reintroduced school uniform there a couple of years ago. It looks so much better, gives the children a sense of identity, pride and respect. Makes it a lot easier for clothes too! It's classic black bottoms and jumper and a white top, but that's nice and easy.

More of the wedding later. I'm excited, I don't get out much and haven't been to a wedding for about three years!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More of the same

Off camping again, but just for a quick overnighter. David's youngest sister had her first baby in May, so we thought it was about time we popped down to see them! Although, to be fair, this is our first reasonable chance. The boys were given an Eagle Owl sponsorship for their Christmas presents at a safari park nearby and they have a free ticket each, so we thought we could go there at the same time, kill two birds with one stone, as it were...

At least, it was supposed to be that simple. We're using a campsite we've been to before, near Stirling. It's closer to the park than the baby, but we planned to see the baby the day we arrive and have a quick get away from the campsite to do the park on the way home. Unfortunately, as I was afraid, the eldest sister got wind of this, she lives closer to the campsite, so now we're going there and seeing all the family instead. We're still being allowed to camp though, that's a relief!

Anyway, I'll take the camera.