Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wiggle dance!

My camellia is flowering! I hoped it would after all these years and it is, a very pretty red. ...and yes, I was so excited it's out of focus. Hey ho!
...and just for good measure, my boys in a loving moment.
We do get them, but Rhiannon is never there, unless I am!

Happy now, btw. Explained, very calmly, why I was so upset, received an apology and forgave. Haven't heard from her since though. Hmm...

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I've had a day I can't talk about, because it would betray a confidence which I can't do. The upshot of it is I'm angry. I'm annoyed with myself for being angry and annoyed with my friend for making me feel like this and annoyed with her for abusing/betraying my friendship.

We'll sort it out, I'll explain calmly and rationally why it's upset me, it would be silly to ruin a good friendship over it.

But right now, I'm angry.

I'll come back when I'm happy.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Subtle (not)

Conall pulled up daddy's t-shirt and murmered a disappointed "Oh." and moved away again, then picked up a cushion to look behind it. "Has anyone seen Zacky Doo? I thought daddy was hiding him."

Zacky Doo is Conall's favourite cuddly toy...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dear Conall

Apparently, tonight we have been watching 'Dr Moose' in 'Kavanagh QC'...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I was going to tell you something funny, but for the moment I've forgotten what. I've been rather distracted and reminded of something completely different.

After I'd been out for my walk to the farmshop, I went to hang my coat up in the cupboard, only to spot an EMORMOUS black, hairy spider, on the wall, above the coat pegs.

I screamed and shut the door.

I had to sit down because I'd had a nasty fright.

I have since realised, my husband may not be home for lunch, by which time, said intruder will have disappeared.

Not a happy bunny.

It reminded me of a visit to the hairdressers, years ago, in Inverness.

Having been 'done', I was offered my jacket, which I put on, flicked the collar to make it comfortable, then left the salon and walked about half a mile back into the town (it wasn't a city then...) to Boots. As I was stood standing, trying to choose a photograph frame, I became aware of movement on my shoulder.

I wiped 'it' off and watched with horror as 'it' landed on the floor and scuttled under the shelves.

I restrained myself from ripping my clothes of there and then, but departed quick smart to the car park, where I ripped off my jacket and sat in the car with palpatations.

It was an horrific experience.

The hb will now have to take all my coats, scarves, hats etc out of the cupboard, give them a good shake, stamp on them and ensure there are no intruders hiding in them. My heart isn't as young as it used to be, I don't think I could stand the fright again.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nice time

I didn't mention it because I was keeping it a secret, but my sister and brother-in-law have come for a visit, which is lovely. It's only a flying visit, just so they can take part in the Inverness 10k, (or whatever it is...) but it's been lovely seeing them and they leave tomorrow.

I always enjoy their company, but I don't know why I always have to overindulge. I feel quite rough today, which is not much good as I have to jog tomorrow, supposedly for ten minutes, but I can't see that happening!

We've been making plans for the summer holidays, (I feel a list coming on!) so I'm going to get excited now.

Anyway, we've had a nice time.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nothing of note

I went jogging again last night and jogged the first section, which was five whole minutes! The five minute walk section was easy too... but then the last jog was another five minutes and I put a little walk in the middle. Still incredibly impressed with myself and surprisingly not sore this morning, which is a bit odd. I went for a two mile, gentle walk to try to keep it that way.

Next week is supposed to be a ten minute jog. I will probably walk a little...

Told you it was nothing of note. I need to get out more!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Did you see it?

We had a lovely view of the lunar eclipse last night from our back doorstep and when it got too chilly, (was a tad nippy last night!) we craned our necks to see round the corner from the dining room patio doors. For something that sounds quite ordinary, it was actually quite extraordinary. The shadowing and the slight orange hue gave the moon a really 3-D effect, which obviously sounds a bit odd, but the moon does tend to look like a white circle hanging in the sky rather than a solid object. Last night it looked beautiful and a little surreal.

Couldn't take photograph, David said our camera wouldn't and I believed him rather than trying. He has a nasty habit of being right on technical issues, but then, that's his job.

Next Friday is Conall's first school assembly and he has quite an appropriate line. "In spring birds build nests and lay their eggs in them." I don't think daddy will be able to make it, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times he has, (but there always seems to be plenty other 'men in blue' at these things...) so I shall report back about my budding star.

And that is as exciting as it gets round here.

I shall go and get breakfast.