Monday, January 19, 2009

Killing time

So, the rash (and it's twin on his back) is looking increasingly suspicious, so I've been a responsible parent and kept Aedan off school so that I can take him to the Doctor for comfirmation. (I don't want to be responsible for triggering an outbreak of chicken pox at school, might not be popular with some...)

Unfortunately, there wasn't an appointment until 3.30pm, which brings all sorts of other issues, like I don't want to take all four children for Aedan's appointment and David is at work! Not to mention that I'm rubbish at waiting. I want to know now, is he contagious, or in plain English, can he go back to school!

So Conall's coming with us and the girl's are sorted and I've been killing time. What's the best way for me to occupy myself? Why, baking of course!

I have three loaves of wholemeal bread rising, the batter for individual mini hot christmas cake (sort of) puddings for tonight chilling in the fridge, fruit soaking in tea for a fruit loaf and cookie dough made into sausage shapes wrapped and in the freezer freezing. Talk about industrious!

I feel good, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

Well, for a short while anyway. Here's hoping I'm wrong about the rash.


Yep, it's shingles. Painkillers if desired, (he's not in a lot of pain) anti-virals to take off the edge of the attack and at least a week off school, until the blisters are scabbed and dried.

Deepest joy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, great

Hmmm. Well.

Aedan has been complaining of a sore back this week, to the side of it really. Didn't think anything of it, they've been back at school a couple of weeks and the PE speciallist is off, so the supply is doing weird and wonderful excercises with them, I'd assumed it was that.

Now, I'm not so sure.

Now, he has a rash, in a very localised area on the side of his chest.

The same side as the sore back.

The sore back that it now turns out was sore to touch rather than "On the inside."

Sounds and looks a bit like something I had as a child.


I feel an appointment at the doctors coming on on Monday, that'll be the fifth time in two months, unheard of! Can't believe it took me three days to realise, muppet. Always said he was more like me, I like unusual illness.

Here's hoping I'm over-reacting and by Monday it's gone.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What we did at Christmas

Went on a couple of short walks and saw these:
Mum, Ciara and the boys, from behind.
A frozen seed head.
Some common seals.
A female red-breasted Merganser.

We also had these in the garden:
Long-tailed tits.
Please excuse the layout, someone around here's having problems. Again. Ahem...
So, anyway, the wildlife side of things was quite good.