Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being brave

We really are so lucky. The children asked if they could go for a walk today, by themselves and I was able to say yes! They took a picnic and walked along the cycle path to the next village, about two and a half miles away. There's a playpark there, so they ate their picnic and played a while before they came home. They were away for nearly three hours altogether. And they were precisely that, all together! It's quite unusual for them to want to be together by choice, so that made a nice change.

I did have the security of knowing Rhiannon had a mobile phone with her, David's old one, but they also have friends in the village, so there was somewhere safe to go to if needed, which is reassuring.

But we really are so lucky to be able to allow our children the kind of freedom we had as children. A rare thing indeed.