Thursday, November 29, 2007


All be it a small one.

I've lost my recipe for Bread Sauce.

And I don't have long to find it.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Mum asked dad,
"What date is your appointment?"
"Eight o'clock."

Ciara asked me,
"When are you taking Conall to the crystallizing?"
"The Christingle is on Monday." After I'd finished giggling, that is.

New project required

Well, I started my Mobius Wrap in Patons Inca at lunchtime on Wednesday, 14th November and finished in the afternoon on Thursday, 15th November. I've barely stopped wearing it since and yes, I will post a photograph. Eventually.

So, anyway, as I finished, hubby said to me,
"So, what are you going to do now?"
"Oooo, find another project, I suppose."
"You don't fancy doing any cleaning then?"

What an odd question I thought and ignored it completely. I flicked the duster in the general direction of the television, (have to do that occasionally or can't see the picture...) and I do rather like my new vacuum cleaner, so I have thrown that around once or twice. I may have given the bathroom a once over too, but nothing serious. I didn't want him getting any ideas!

Today, I'd had enough. I've been having awful trouble with the kitchen floor. Even after washing, it still looked filthy and was really beginning to get to me. The oven was in desperate need too. I got really carried away though. I put the oven shelves in the bath in a biological solution to soak, painted the inside of the oven with potent stuff and scrubbed the floor on my hands an knees with viscous, scrubby pad thing. Then I put a kind of polish on, hoovered the downstairs while it dried and then put the shelves into the dishwasher. After collecting Conall this afternoon, I rubbed all the dried on but now flakey stuff off the shelves and wiped off the gunk from inside the oven. I'm down to the bottom layer of burnt on stuff now! (I think it was once leaking blackberry juices. Really sticky stuff.)

Now, you can see shiny shelves through the glass door. You can see through the glass door! The light is really blindingly bright aswell, now the lense has been cleaned. It was all going swimmingly until I closed the kitchen door, whilst still in the kitchen.

Pants. I missed a bit. A long, thin bit. Shaped a bit like the end of the door...

Still, my study material for 'Studying Mammals' has arrived. My new project!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Naughty secret stuff!

Not as exciting as it might sound, shhh, but don't tell the hubby...

I've ordered some yarn (and needles, I need just about the only size I didn't already have in my bag of tricks, humph!) from Angel Yarns. I already have a free pattern for a chunky shrug/wrap thingy. Now I'm excited! I hope my parcel comes quickly, so I can get on with the knitting!

The only downside being, me knitting will encourage the children to get back to theirs. A good thing, but I will then have loads of interruptions and be stopped from getting on with mine!

(The hubby will be hacked off because this will mean time spent knitting when it should be time spent studying, but as I still haven't applied for the course, this isn't really a problem, is it? Yet...)