Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just a thought

Am I a walking advert for camping holidays in Scotland? Better stop that, or there'll be no room left!


Anonymous said...

Ruth says:

These are lovely photographs - your holiday seems to have been a very special one. You all look so calm and at one with each other - how do you achieve that? I've a feeling that we'd be at each others throats after a few nights together in a tent!

Louise said...

On no, the children love it! They're happy, so I'm happy. You do have to be a little organised, (or at least, I do!) so we have boxes, box with medicines, laundry stuff etc., box with cooking equipment, larder indrediants etc., boxes with pencils, paper, crayons, mini-board games, reference books etc., get the picture? My obsessive behaviour perhaps, but anyway, it works for us. I usually have a list of meals they like that are one pot, or at the very least, manageable on a camping stove. (There is also an excellent fish and chip shop in the village...)

NNNNOOOOOOOOO!! I'm making this too desirable. I've got to stop it!

See you there next year?!