Monday, June 30, 2008

Wishful Thinking

I had a telephone call from the school today, at around 10am. As I picked up the handset I was thinking "Not already Aedan, it's only Monday!"

It went something like this:-

Hello, Mrs Evans?


It's the school here, Conall's at school today.

Yes. (Wondering, where on earth are we going with this one?)

Is he going to be at school all week?


It's just that he told his teacher he was going away on holiday today, so he would miss the last week of school. She gave him all his workbooks on Friday to take home, so if he's going to be here, he needs them in school so he can do some work. They're in a purple folder.

Well, they might have been on Friday, but they certainly weren't by Monday! I had to scrabble around to find any half-finished workbooks with recent dates in them and take them to school. Little imp!

Apart from a grown teacher taking the word of a seven year old as gospel, (I never do, and he's my seven year old!) I would have had to fill in a form, asking permission to take my child out of school, (which would automatically be denied for a holiday, and rightly so) and I would have spoken to the teacher myself, to be polite. Not to mention the absence of an end of year present and the fact that, having already taught two other of my children, she might have noticed I never take my children out of school!

Still, maybe it's all just wishful thinking and shows he's just looking forward to our camping holiday, in a fortnights time!

Ah bless.


Anne said...

I love that - "Your son is in school today" - I like his style - what did he think would happen?!

Anonymous said...

Ruth says:
Hello! You've been busy - I love your blogging!

That really is hilarious!

My little Isabel keeps returning from nursery to tell me that Julia (one of the teachers) has cleaned her teeth. I've checked this with Julia, who has never once cleaned Isabel's teeth (but would be more than welcome to as far as I'm concerned)! Still, Isabel insists!