Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lost. Gone!

You may remember I got a new digital SLR camera for my recent 40th birthday, (yes, I'm still going on about it) hoping your memory is better than mine, that is.

Well, I was lucky to be able to download those photographs from our holiday. Because I appear to have lost the battery charger.

That's a bit pants! (And somewhat dim...)

I'm sure I vaguely remember putting it somewhere safe. Somewhere. I'm hoping it'll turn up. David thinks it may have accidentally fallen in the bin. Accidentally! You know, just hopped in whilst nobody was looking.

Anyway, it's lost. Gone.

So the little love has looked online and bought me a new one. It arrived very promptly and I was able to recharge, download and print off to my little heart's desire.

(I've given the new battery charger to hubby to put in a safe place. Well away from me!)


Anonymous said...

I keep accidentally throwing knives away - after peeling the potatoes, for example. I seem to absent-mindedly add the knife to the potato peelings and off they all go. Fortunately, they can be retrieved from the green bin, provided I get there before the green bin collectors do. (Which I don't always).

Lots of love

Ruth xxxxx

p.s. I have a special place for things I "definitely don't want to lose and am very likely to lose". What a mix of stuff is in that place! Everything from photos of baby scans to name labels for the children's shoes!!

Louise said...

Stop it, you're scaring me! I have been known to throw out the odd knife with vegetable peelings, but never noticed them missing in time to be able to find them.

As for 'a special place', yes, mine contains all that sort of thing, exactly that sort of thing.

But no camera battery charger...

Anonymous said...

It really is annoying sometimes, knowing where to put things! Some things don't qualify for the special place, or won't fit in it and they are always a nightmare to find. My spare toothbrush head went missing. I eventually found it on my bookcase. Why in the name of colgate total had I decided to put it there????? Must have seemed like a safe place at the time!!!

Love from Ruth xxx