Monday, September 08, 2008


Some friends of mine run a farm and coffee shop and were recently left in the lurch by an employee. As I spend copious amounts of time in my own kitchen, washing up, cooking etc, I offered my services for a few days to help out.

They accepted.

I chopped salad, made up coleslaw, egg mayonnaise, tuna mayonnaise, made malteser slice and mars bars crispies, filled a Victoria sponge, iced sprinkle cakes, made top hats, and baked carrot cake, as well as washing stacks of dishes.

Another task was making the buttericing to fill and top a lemon sponge.

"Two of marg, four and a half of icing sugar," said Moira, "You'll need a tea towel to cover the mixer so you don't get covered."

I carefully measured the ingrediants, popped into the Kenwood, covered and switched on. Waited a while and removed the cloth. Peered into the mixer.

"Can't see why that would make a mess," me thinks.

Moira comes to stand next to me and peer into the mixer.

We look at each other.

I say to Moira,

"Pounds, not ounces."

Moira collapses in a corner, tears streaming down her face.

I add more. Carefully.

Made her day.


Anne said...


At least that way round is easily rectifiable!

Anonymous said...


Thanks! I needed a laugh badly. And you've given me a good one!!Are you enjoying working there?

Anonymous said...

Ruth, again:

What are top hats?

Louise said...

I only did a few days to help out while they found a permanent staff member, but it was quite fun. I don't think I could do it regularly. They have my telephone number incase anyone goes off sick and they 'need me'.

Top hats? You don't know what top hats are? Nor did I until quite recently and they're not something that appeal to me.

Marshmallow, pink or white, dipped in chocolate, put into a mini-paper case, topped with a drop of chocolate and a smartie.

Often used at childrens parties because they are cheap, easy and popular.

I don't like those kind of marshmallows, I like the kind that they call tea cakes up here, which have a biscuit base, blob of jam, soft, squishy white stuff covered in chocolate.

A tea cake has fruit in it, is toasted and served buttered!

These scots, they know nothing...


Anonymous said...


Ah yes - I love those tea-cake marsh-mallows (dad used to buy them)! and, as it turns out, I do not what top hats are after all as my friend serves them at her children's parties (she's Scottish as it happens). They taste very much nicer than they sound!! I just didn't realise the were called top hats.