Thursday, October 09, 2008

Must be nearly Christmas

...Because I've made my Christmas Cake! Baked, annointed, neatly wrapped and hidden in a cool, dark cupboard, waiting for it's weekly annointment until the week before Christmas. I'm ahead of the game, I know.

Would it be a good time to mention I've got Christmas Puddings on the go too? I usually half the amount of mixture and then split it between four pudding basins to make four small puddings, however, I've discovered I was following a mistake in the recipe, half the mixture makes two normal puddings, (don't ask) so this year I've made the full amount and after resting for 24 hours, (the mixture, not me. Although...) I shall divide into the basins for four normal puddings!

I still have at least one jar of last years mincemeat stored in the cool, dark cupboard, so I don't have to faff with that, just make the pies.

Oh, it feels good to be organised. At least at the moment.

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