Monday, February 02, 2009

Doing my bit

I'm going to do my bit and take part in a sponsored walk with a few friends along the Dava Way to raise funds for Ciara's old Brownie pack. Ciara is a Guide now, but she still goes to Brownies as a Pack Leader. (Sounds grand, she's a great help with a difficult Brownie I gather!)

David and I walked the Dava Way about eighteen months ago as the second day of a two day backpacking trip, so I know I can complete the walk and in fact it should be easier because I will not be carrying a 24lb pack!

I considered it would good training for the Big Walk.

We did a training walk on Saturday, "Just 12 miles!" said Angela (Fluffy Owl) enthusiastically, "Varied landscape, it'll be fun!"

It was actually good fun, but nearer 14 miles and the first six and a half were up hill... We lost Brown Owl enroute, but she hadn't been well for a couple of weeks, so we forgave her that. Her husband picked her up from Angela's house where we enjoyed our lunch and especially the hot soup, tea and flapjack she provided as a treat.

It was good and I'm really looking forward to our next walk. It'll probably take more to recover from the Scrabble night we're having here on Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely - and so does the scrabble! Hope you get your Z on a triple letter score!

Love from Ruth xxxxx