Sunday, January 06, 2008

The New Year

We had a slightly surreal Christmas for me, although the children had a wonderful time, they were certainly happy with their presents, even though, to most children, they would not have been spectacular, (nothing remotely technical or electrical, the boys shared a seven in one games table, table football etc., and were delighted) and were entertained all day Christmas and Boxing Days.

Gave me time to pack.

We then made the rather hurriedly planned trip to my in-law's the day after Boxing Day and the following day I left for Lincolnshire, on a train, on my own...

Even that wasn't straight forward, we arrived late at Doncaster, missing the connection and I had a crises on the platform, unable to find any 'little men' or even a ticket office. Poor David at the end of a phone, me running low on batteries. My life never changes. Much.

When I arrived at my penultimate destination, I didn't have a chance to find a much needed convenience, found the bus station by acccident thinking I'd missed my bus, only to find it still there, just drawing off, so I jumped in front of it! Poor driver, but he kindly uplifted me, (against regulations!) and I duely made it to my final destination. And a toilet.

David and the children couldn't join me until New Year's Day, so I missed 'the bells' with my family, which upset me more than I'd thought it would.

We're home again now.

I haven't been able to make any sense of my emotions yet, there are huge complications and I fear this is going to dominate my thoughts and my life for some time to come.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and that the New Year brings you and your families health and happiness.


Anne said...


All I can say is to give yourself time, and take it easy on yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ruth says:

I'll second Anne's comment.

You've been uppermost on my mind throughout the holiday.

If it helps to write or talk, please e-mail or phone.

Lots of love

Ruth xxxxx