Sunday, March 02, 2008

How many ways to make a cup of tea

Badly. I think I've just about got it covered.

I've poured hot water into a mug with no tea bag. (The tea bag has to go in first.)

I've poured water from a kettle that hasn't been switched on into a mug with a tea bag.

I've discovered on removing the tea bag I'd put two in the mug.

I've left it to brew for so long and forgotten about it it's stone cold. (Didn't waste it though, made a fruit tea loaf.)

Brewed it, put milk in, put it on the coffee table, fell asleep...

Yup, making a cup of tea badly is my forte.

Or, perhaps it's because I'm nearly forty! (Did you see that?)

PS. Oh, and another.

This morning I had a little ironing left to do, so I topped up the steam iron from the near-empty kettle. Imagine my horror when, a few minutes later, I hear the kettle (I iron in the lounge) coming to the boil. Arrgh! It's empty! It'll trip the electric! I charge into the kitchen, just as the kettle comes to the boil and find my mug, ready with tea bag, next to it.

Talk about short term memory loss, it only took ten seconds and it was whoosh, gone!

Hey ho. Roll on 26th May, then I'll have a good excuse!


Anonymous said...

Fruit tea loaf - I just love the smell when they're baking!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who's losing my marbles! 40 beckons. Have you any plans on how to celebrate?

Love from Ruth xxxxxx

Louise said...

Nothing really specific. I love birthdays, so the figure involved doesn't worry me, I'm just generally very excited! I think David is trying to think of something nice and/or memorable, but NOT a party. I'd be too choosy over who I invited!

I'm hoping my outlaws will club together as they have for other members of the family, but give me the money, not jewellery, so I can get myself a good pair of leather walking boots. How sad am I!

Oh, a nice cake. Even if I have to make it myself!

Have you any plans?

Anonymous said...

Ruth says:

Sure have: mine falls on a Sunday and I'm planning for it to be a sunny day. And we're going to have a picnic in the grounds of Hatfield House (one of my favouritist places in the whole world and only 20 minutes drive away)! And it'll be a nice picnic - a special one - not the usual "grab what I can from the fridge and run" type jobbies, but a pre-planned one with plastic wine glasses and melon and stuff!

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