Friday, May 23, 2008

Early days

My Big Birthday started early!

It all came about because of Tesco. (Why is everything in my life Tesco?!)

We usually use our Clubcard vouchers for a really good deal in the summer to hire cars for our camping trip, but I read between some lines in the Deal brochure and concluded this deal would no longer be available come July, so decided to use some up for a week in mid May, just because the children had a couple inset days, so we did!

This gave David the opportunity to book my birthday treat, a days Falconry course, then two nights DBB at our favourite hotel at Nethy Bridge (with children), a walk up what was my first corbertt about five years ago, now the children's first corbertt too, visit Loch Garten to see the osprey and then forest theme park, Landmark, (to make up to the children for making them climb a big hill!).

Yup, it was a busy few days and I only remembered to take photographs when someone offered to at the falconry centre! I was too busy sulking at the top of Meall a Bhuachaille, my red juice drink had leaked all over my cream, fleece inside David's badly packed rucsack, (and he's the more experienced one, you'd think he'd know how to pack a rucsack!), but we had a fabulous time and noone got sunburnt or heat exhaustion, yey for us!

So, now for the science bit, trying to download the photographs!...
...and yes, I thought I looked rather like my mother with a few birds of prey posing on my arm! Scarey.
I did the Introduction to Falconry in the morning with a family of three, then I was the only one to go for a Walk with the Hawks in the afternoon. I went on a hunt with Dave the Falconer, I looked after Alice the Harris Hawk, while Dave was in charge of Edna the ferret! (Aren't the names fab?!) What an extraordinary experience, strolling carefully across a rough field, in the middle of nowhere, cars driving by as I have Alice the Harris Hawk perched on my arm. Amazing! Yes, we caught a couple of bunnies, but they will not have been wasted. They'll have made a tasty snack for some of the hawks later.
Roll on Monday!

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