Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ciara takes a turn

Through school, Ciara has been attending Forest School, run by a local charity Wild Things, on a Friday morning. On Thursday, she told me;
"Last week at Forest School, we were talking about condensation."
"No, conservation."

David and I were showing a little affection yesterday. Ciara said;
"Are you two rubbing noses? That's what emus do."
"I think you mean eskimos, Ciara."
("Innuits." from the stroppy teen in the corner.)

Ciara was drawing in the lounge.

Ciara: "I can't draw holly."

Rhiannon: "Who's Holly?"

Ciara: "A holly leaf."

I think Ciara is set to follow in my footsteps and make people smile. Usually without meaning to.

I actually got round to visiting the doctor on Friday. Ciara's skin has always had a tendency to be dry, but it has recently galloped out of control and become quite inflamed in places. She's inherited another one of my things. Eczema. Of course, now we have a car, visiting the doctor is much easier.

(Oh, didn't I mention that?)

Anyway, saw a lovely lady doctor who prescribed lots of creams, a small tube for the really, really inflamed bits, a larger tube for the more general, but less inflamed bits and a huge dispenser of the weirdest gel like stuff I've ever seen! So, morning and night, Ciara is a slippery little critter and I can't turn the tap on afterwards.... There is already a huge improvement, which is pleasing and I dare say a huge relief to poor Ciara, my only concern is that her skin doesn't become reliant upon the creams and forget how to be normal again, or maybe this is just in my head.

Oh, you want to know about the car?

It was David's fault. He happened to mention we could get a seven-seater in our price range now. My response?

"I want that one."

So after a few phone calls, a few days waiting, a little toing and froing, we have had a car now for twelve days.

And I haven't told my mum yet so it'll be a nice surprise at Christmas when we all turn up at the airport in our own car to collect her.

And I haven't told my sister so she doesn't have to keep my secret too, (here's hoping she doesn't visit the blog too often these days...)

And to say I was excited last week would be a little understatement! We went to the solicitors with stuff to be witnessed, we went to the dump, we went shopping, we went for a walk to practice my compass reading skills.

We know how to live!

I was able to take Rhiannon to the orthodontist more easily too and fit in more shopping. I hate shopping, but it is nice not to be restricted by the bus timetable. Anyway, the teeth are doing really well, Mr Buchanan is ready to write to our dentist to take out a couple of teeth ready for the next appliance. Oh goody. Still, it's moving on much quicker than expected, so should be all over soon. Well, within the next year or two.

Is everybody ready for Christmas? Ours is low key as usual, we don't go in for an overly commercial Christmas. With Ciara's birthday on the 17th, we don't tend to put our tree and decorations up until the next day, so her birthday doesn't get swamped and when we do, Christmas is inside the house, with a nativity scene and subtle decorations, so the meaning isn't lost. Shame about the rest of the street.

It's like Blackpool illuminations meets Las Vegas.

From the 30th November.


Maybe I'm getting grumpy in my old age.

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Ruth says:

I hope that you had a very happy Christmas. The car sounds exceedingly exciting. Seven seats - wow!!

Love from Ruth