Thursday, January 08, 2009

What we did at Christmas

Went on a couple of short walks and saw these:
Mum, Ciara and the boys, from behind.
A frozen seed head.
Some common seals.
A female red-breasted Merganser.

We also had these in the garden:
Long-tailed tits.
Please excuse the layout, someone around here's having problems. Again. Ahem...
So, anyway, the wildlife side of things was quite good.


Anonymous said...

How absolutely beautiful. Your life seems very relaxed. Would that be a fair assessment?

Love from Ruth xxxxxx

Louise said... long as I don't have visitors...

Oh, that's p'raps a bit mean, but I do like my own space to be me and I can be very selfish about it! Normality is relaxed, I like it.

Know what I mean, Harry?!