Thursday, June 01, 2006

Can I have...?

Can I have a piece of fruit?
Ofcourse dear, help yourself.
I can't find my shoes!
Try by the back door, where you left them.

I can't sleep, will you lie with me?
No dear, but think nice thoughts.
Mum! I've finished!
Ok, I'll be there to wipe in a second.

I don't want to go to Tesco,
I'm sorry, but we have no food left.
Why can't I dig for worms?
Because you're dressed to go to the party.

I hate bath night!
I know love, but it's nice to be clean in bed.
Can I have a cuddle?
Yes mum, 'course you can!


Ruth said...

This is my favourite so far. This is fantastic.

Louise said...

Thank you x

Ruth said...

I really do like this poem - I keep reciting the last two lines to myself.