Thursday, June 29, 2006

You may have noticed...

...we are going on holiday. Soon.

Sitting next to Rhiannon, my eldest, on the settee two nights ago, I said, "We're going camping on Saturday, I'm sooo excited!"

Calmly, quietly but with kindness, Rhiannon said, "I know mum, you've been excited since April."

What does this say about me? Am I really more excitable than a child? Or is my ten-and-a-half year old daughter just extraordinarily mature and laid back for her years? Why am I soooo excited about getting cold, wet and windswept, not to mention eaten alive by the local midgie population? If you had told me, ten years ago, that I would be:
1. Camping and
2. Sooo excited about it
I would have laughed hysterically to the point of needing clean underwear.

Who said having children would never change them?



Ruth said...

You must need an extra suitcase for all those lists! I love the poem! I hope you let us see some photos of this year's fun and games on the blog.

Have a great time!


Louise said...

Thank you, we will. I'm soooo excited! Getting a bit concerned I may need to re-pack, I'm not convinced it's all going to fit...

I'm notoriously bad for taking a camera and no photographs. I shall try really, really hard this year!