Monday, April 09, 2007

Mad dogs...

Noel Coward, wasn't it? Hmm, well, in Scotland we have an entirely different breed of them. Yes, we are (actually, they are, I am not...) sitting outside in the midday 'sun'. Except, it's not that hot, so not much danger of heatstroke. We're having the first barbeque of the year, today, the 9th April. Bit earlier than usual. The children were in the paddling pool. For less time than it took to fill it, but would they be told? Sometimes they have to find out for themselves.

It is a nice day, no doubt about it, a fabulous drying day, but ofcourse, I can't actually put any washing on the line, because of said barbeque.

David thinks it's funny, bless him, that I love the great outdoors and yet, I am sitting inside on such a beautiful day. I despise sitting in the garden. I do not enjoy the barbeque bit. Foods okay, nice for a change I guess, but what a faff. Shouldn't bother me really, because he cooks it all, which I suppose is the fun bit maybe. I think the 'breeze' is a tad chilly for sitting and in a few months time, it's going to be too hot! Ah well, soon I'll be climbing big hills in paradise. Roll on July!

(Don't mean to be a kill joy, I'm laughing with them, they're having fun, I just think I'm more comfy in here!)

Photographs of the flourishing flowers to follow.


Ruth said...

I find that I can't sit in the garden for more than a split second without having to get up to either fetch something from indoors (like a cardigan or a sunhat or something) or to help Michael and/or Isabel as they get stuck up or in something. Not relaxing at all. Should be in theory, but just isn't!!

Louise said...

Exactly! A friend invited the children and I on a picnic today. I found a good and legitimate reason not to go, because I just find it sooooo painful.

(Apart from the fact this is the friend who is making difficult demands on my friendship just now and I want a break! Oh, I'm as good a friend as I am a mother...)

Ruth said... - it just means that you're human! HUMAN! You're just more honest and open than most, that's all!

We did a picnic with friends last week - start of the easter holidays. There were enjoyable seconds here and there, but for the most part it was hard work - and culminated in Isabel throwing a massive tantrum for one mile all the way back to the car. Trying to carry her kicking and screaming, the picnic box and deal with Michael all the way back to the car park was not my idea of fun.

Louise said...

Oh, symathies. I hate it!