Sunday, April 01, 2007

Can you see what it is yet?

Give three children a dust cover, Twister mat, child's broom, a stick, a piece of string and a safety pin, what do you get?


Imagination, creativity and teamwork produce a tent on a glorious Palm Sunday in Scotland. Fantastic! (And from the three least likely to work together without fighting...)


Anne said...

That is one good tent :-)

Isn't the good weather wonderful for improving _everyone's_ mood?

Louise said...

It's fabulous! I can't believe that, just by putting the clocks forward, it's now still light at 8.45pm. Joy! Incredibly mood lifting.

Ruth said...

Really good tent! Oh the absolute joys of playing out -"hurry up and improve,weather!" - one day it's ok, the next it's raining. We had to do the library today.

Louise said...

Rhiannon cycled to see her friend at Findhorn, alone. Big step for me, didn't faze her one little bit! I went for a stroll with the other three on the marshes this afternoon. Lovely day, a bit dull at times and not exactly tropical, but nice.

Tomorrow, Aedan is going fishing with our ex-neighbour's step dad. What a nice man, to take our son with him and Aedan absolutely loves it.

An Aedan free day, should be okay!

Apart from the other two being grounded, the holidays are going well. (Now, that's a long story, involving my friend's daughter...)