Sunday, April 22, 2007

I always keep a promise

Here are the photographs of my flourishing flowers.

(Sorry, it sounded so good in my head!)

My Peace Lily, then Aedan's bean, then my Orchid that refuses to flower.

I'll feed it into submission!

There are also my Blackberries in the background behind the bean, given to me by some treasured family friends when David and I got married because I'd always loved their blackberries as a child. My plants still grow fantastically well and produce a really good harvest come Autumn.


Ruth said...

These are lovely!

Louise said...

Thank you! Was wondering where my audience was, you must have a had a holiday/busy time/crises, unless hubby has persuaded you to work for a living!

Nah, don't do it.

Ruth said...

Ah - you see I've been without computer for a few days. Very inconvenient! How did we manage before them? All fixed now and I'm back!

I'm trying to be a good mummy and play with Isabel - or read to her or anything with her - but she just wants to entertain herself! Which is nice! (Mustn't speak to soon - she's coming over now.....!!!)

I want to move. I really want to move house. I want to move to Hereford of all places - closer to mum; beautiful countryside and fresh air; cheaper house prices. My husband is taking some persuading. He will always do my bidding insofar as he is able (he's so lovely and I have to be careful not to take advantage of that). But this is a biggie - I want him to want to move. I don't want to force him into it, I want him to do it becasue he wants to.

And I want to do it NOW!

Louise said...

Hmm, nice part of the world. Easy for me to visit, I can get down to my sister's in Worcester and 'pop' over to see you. Yep, that would work. But it is a biggie, I can see your problem. Gentle, persistent persuasion, with really good, solid reasons. If you move house you can release equity and have a little money so you don't need to work immediately. Find a lovely, small school that is performing well. Live a more 'green' lifestyle, walking to school, good local shops, your own veg patch, fresh country air to make your children grow fit and strong. Er, this is what's called 'preaching to the converted', isn't it?

Hey ho.

But it will take time, you simply can't have it now!

Ruth said...

Want it, want it, want it! (And I tell Michael that he sounds like Verucca Salt!)

(I'm assuming you know your Charlie and the Choc Fac there.... I'm sure you do. You can't have 4 and not know your C and the CF)!

Louise said...

Not to mention the Great Glass Elevator. Oh yes, I remember them all well, all those wonderful books from my childhood.