Sunday, June 17, 2007


I am proving to be decidedly ruggish at this. I don't have a brilliant excuse, but I am trying to rest my arm whenever possible to aid recovery, so perhaps I can blame it on that. It's getting much better much more quickly than I was expecting, so I'm really pleased! I'd forgotten what it was like to live with (virtually) no pain, but that was my own silly fault for not going to the quack sooner. Hey ho!

Anyway, it's Father's Day and whilst I think it's an American idea brought over here for commercial reasons, the children like to give Daddy a day off like Mummy has one earlier in the year and Daddy thinks it's only fair. (Mine was cheaper, a pair of slippers and a mug. His is a bottle of amber nectar! Don't need to tell him it was reduced, shhh...)

Must be time for breakfast.


Ruth said...

Amber nectar sounds good to me - I hope he lets you have a little!

I'm glad your arm is getting better.

We don't really do father's day in this house..... he had a card )home made by Michael) and that was about it.... feeling a tad guilty now.

Louise said...

No, no. My preference would be no Father's Day, not because I'm mean, but because it's not our tradition. I'm so anti-Americanisms or any other foreign traditions, we're British, let's keep our own traditions!

But he is sharing. He didn't have a lot of choice, I have to say. I cooked a fabulous dinner, I hve to say. Roast beef, yorkies, roasties, carrot and swede, spring greens, gravy. Trifle to follow before coffee and whisky. Yum yum, even if I do say so myself xx