Sunday, June 24, 2007


Another sad day.

When we moved into our first married home, we had a wonderful neighbour called Jonnie. He was such a wonderful person, friendly, genou=rous, kind, thoughtful. He rescued me from spiders and looked after Rhiannon as a three year old toddler and Megan, (the German Shephard) when I had to take Aedan, just less than two, into hospital, (with Ciara as a four-month-old breast feeding baby). David was on his way home from America and got stuck in fog at Lynham. He was such a star, always there for a chat, a local born and bred, but well travelled and full of wildlife knowledge, I loved him dearly.

Since we moved, I visited him whenever we were in the area, although this was obviously impossible in the last year. I think we last saw him at the end of last May.

We had a telephone call earlier with the sad news that he died today and I am distraught. It's a private service, which I obviously respect, but I'm determined to find out where he's laid to rest so that I can pay my respects. The sad thing is, I had already made plans for our next visit after our holiday.

I have had a dram and lit a virtual candle in his remembrance.

It's a small reminder to me that those closest to me will soon be gone.



Ruth said...


They're never gone. You still feel them with you.

A couple of years ago I went to visit my Grandma's grave in Yorkshire. The church-yard is almost opposite her house. And from the church-yard, I stared at her house in the distance, and at the bus-stop she used to use when she did her shopping. And I thought "you can't go on for ever, cleaning your house and taking the bus to the shops. The stuff of our every day lives, the toil, the things we have to do to keep alive, the things that tire us out, has to end. But the love never ends. And the effect you have on a person never ends. I can still think of Grandma and smile and laugh today, just as much as I did when she was live. except now I know she's in a better place.

That said, it's so sad to lose someone, and lots of love to you.

Ruth said...


I keep knocking, but no-one's in.

Missing you.