Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm here!

Waving, not drowning.

I'm still here, just having a quiet time I guess. I hadn't actually realised it was quite so long, but I suppose nearly two weeks is a while. I can't even blame it on half term, we don't have those up here, just the Thursday and Friday before my birthday, but that suits me fine. In fact, it's not long until we break up for the summer, four weeks today, to be precise.

So, have been up to anything? Errrr, no.

Not much.

Didn't run last week, which made me a little anxious, (becoming obsessed, me?!) but we had a trial walk with a loaded rucksac, 12 miles and 20 lbs, to be accurate. It went fine, we did it in four hours, which I was quite happy with. It means that, on the actual walk, I can manage the rucksac at a reasonable speed with scope to slow down for a more enjoyable stroll!

I couldn't run on the Wednesday because the rain was doing a good impression of stair rods, so I did some weights and another six mile walk on the Thursday instead.

Monday was written off because I can't say no to a bottle of wine.

I don't mean I was ill, (more worryingly, I wasn't...) just that I don't like to do hard excercise after consuming alcohol as I'm not sure the stress is good for the organs.

Tuesday, now, that proved to be interesting. I had intended to run that day instead, but I had a fabulous telephone call on the Monday lunch time, offering me a cancellation physiotherapy appointment on Tuesday for my shoulder. I took it! What a lovely lady she was to.

I don't have tendonitis, which is good. I have weak Rotator Cuff Muscles, which cause my shoulder joint to be unstable. She rubbed it a bit, ("This will be sore to start, but it'll go numb eventually." Never a truer word said!) then a few minutes of ultrasound, (no pretty pictures of babies to look at, that was strange...) and a couple of exercises with an elastic band everyday. I go back weekly for a while, then maybe monthly for a while after that. It's going to be a long haul apparently, because it has become chronic.

Should have gone to the quack last summer...

Did go to the gym yesterday, now David has renewed my membership. Ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill, which was about two and a quarter miles, but running on the treadmill is so much easier than on the road. It's cushioned and does part of the work for you, but better than nothing.

Apart from that? Nothing much.

I'll be back again soon.

I promise!


Anne said...

Hello - waving back.

Not tendonitis = good.

Long haul = not so good.

Take care.

Ruth said...

Your exercise regime is very impressive.

Scans and no babies - yes, they are weird, aren't they! I had several when I was, in fact, having an ectopic pregnancy. They literally had to roam around my lower body to find the baby. They didn't find it.

My favourite scan ever (sorry, you've got me onto scans now!!) was when I had one at 5 weeks to see if Isabel was in existence and, more particularly, in the right place! She was on both counts. But she measured just 3mm and was nothing more than a yoke sac. The dr couldn't even confirm that she was "viable". It was amazing to see her just 4 weeks later (another scan of course) dancing a jig and waving!

Yes, just 4 weeks later.


We had lots of scans all told. I could have SWORN she was a boy.

Louise said...

That'll have been the cord then. Easy mistake.

Actually, I couldn't tell from the scans what they were, (that's a baby??!!!) but I could only choose a girl's name with Rhiannon, a boy's with Aedan, etc. etc.

Psychic? Don't think so, never knew with anyone else's baby.

Hi Anne! Still reading your blog, byw, but can't comment much on your fabulous creations, except to say they are fabulous, so I'm just silently spectating. I thought throwing a totally random comment in, like, "How's the chickens?" may be a little odd, even by my standards. (My hairdresser thinks I'm a total nutter. He's the englishman, wearing a kilt everyday, at a ladies' hairdressers, in Scotland, bald, with a goatie and a pink earing...)

So, how's the chickens?

And thanks about the arm, you're so right, a good mix of relief and dismay, but to be receiving treatment already when I'd been promised a years wait, fab!


Anne said...

PMSL at R being so sure I was a boy - I hadn't seen any of her scan pics, yet still kept having to bite my lip not to correct her when she said she thought it was a boy. How on EARTH did I think I knew anything!?

And the chickens - are well-loved pets at the moment. OK, so they do a fair bit of weeding and fertilising of the particular bit of garden where their run is at any one moment, but eggs? Nope, we don't lay eggs.

Anne said...

And when I say "I was a boy" - I mean "I" was a boy... I mean - oh you know what I mean (IYSWIM...)