Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I admit it

I'm a wuss.

One of my pet hates is making phonecalls. It's okay ringing my mum, or my sister, or my hubby when he's away, but give me a situation when I don't know who's going to answer the telephone, be it a friends husband that I don't know well, (yikes), the hairdressers, the maintenance man to request a repair, a delivery man, I can't do it.

I just can't. Don't ask me to explain. I come out in a cold sweat, I feel panicky and I just can't do it.

I've just proved the point by ringing another parent to turn down an invitation for Aedan to go to a party.

Man "Hello."
Me "Oh, hello, is that Geoffrey's dad?"
Man "No, I'm his brother."
Me "Oh, I'm sorry..."

It could only be me...


Ruth said...

I know the feeling! But 'children' don't make the best telephone receptionists (I frequently get Michael to answer the phone for me when I'm busy, with varying degrees of success!)

Someone's left a message on my phone this evening for "Geoff" (?) to say that they'll be late tomorrow... poor Geoff'll be waiting around and probably think he's been stood up. We get a lot of wrong numbers.

Ruth said...

I'm kind of half watching the Royal Variety Show at the same time as blogging here - Barry Manilow is singing "You never close your eyes any more when I kiss your lips" (badly, as it happens) and I couldn't help but add my own response - "that's because you keep jabbing me in the face with your nose"...

Sorry, I'm shattered and my sense of humour becomes very wierd when I'm tired!

Louise said...

Ah yes. Children and phones.

Aedan has answered the phone to my mum on several occasions. It ranges from not being given a message and a slightly worried mum ringing a few days later to enquire as to why I didn't return her call, to "There's someone on the phone mum..." and the favorite is, "Oh, she's just on the loo doing a poo."

Only that one's not just for answering the phone. That's been used answering the door too...