Monday, December 11, 2006

I don't believe it!

Okay, so David's at 'work', my visitors have gone home, my neighbours are out, we don't have a cat and I didn't have the nerve to ask the delivery man for help.

The problem?

It has six legs too many is probably enough of a clue.

I have regressed to my teens and it is currently residing under a bin. Weighted down with the heaviest books I could find, otherwise it could shimmy underneath!

My parents once returned from their annual vacation to France to find an upturned bin in the hallway, weighted down by a large dictionary and a Roget's Thesaurus, (if you've not seen one of those, they are big!)

The occupant had been there for almost three weeks, since my parents had left me 'home alone', (okay, okay, I was nineteen at the time. Going on nine...) and it was still alive! Just.

This one will only suffer till lunchtime. Meanwhile, I can't reach the plug to plug in the iron to do the ironing for fear of knocking over the bin.

Do you think that's a good enough excuse...?


Ruth said...

I wouldn't go near that iron with a barge pole if I were you! I think that you are very brave for daring to put something over the top of the spider - I'd struggle even to do that!

Louise said...

Hmm, know what you mean, but I had little choice, that or a spider on the loose!

Cathy wanted to buy me one of those spider catching thingies on a stick? No way! Knowing my luck it would run up the outside and onto me.