Monday, December 04, 2006

Sad goodbyes

Oh, alright, so I'm prone to my father's affliction of exageration.

The bulky uplift came today. Not for me, as my husband would probably suggest, (if he was certain I wasn't having a sense of humour failure...) it came for our old terracotta fabric suite, which has recently been replaced by a lovely, smart, chocolate leather suite.

So I suppose it was more a fond farewell!

(Terracotta. What was I thinking?)

As expected, my cold came to nothing more than a slightly damp nose and a tiny cough. So glad about that! Feeling bad at a weekend is eminently more desirable to a school day.

Must press on, bread to attend to, but I'm sure...

"I'll be back...!"

PS. I've been inspired again. Hadn't realised it was three months since I'd done any 'poetry'!

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