Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well, that's that then...

That was it. Christmas. Been and gone for another year. Has to be, because we've just had the obligatory turkey (and sweetcorn) soup for lunch and it's Turkey Pilaff on the menu for dinner. Turkey Curry on Friday. So, it must be the day after Boxing Day, fil's birthday, (mustn't forget the phone call...).

Rhiannon was sick all day Christmas Eve, but was a little better and joined us Christmas Day, although she didn't each much. She's almost back to herself now. Aedan is away with our ex-neighbour's step-dad fishing, so he's happy and it's quiet round here. My cold is nearly gone, so I'm a happier bunny too. Marvelous.

To top it all off, I've remembered to go next door and feed the two cats, kitten and rabbit while my friend is away. Litter trays. Yuk. I'm afraid I've had to undecorate their Christmas tree, I was spending more time picking up baubles and lametta then playing with the kitten, which was becoming a bit of a vicious circle, so the decorations are in a cardboard box in the garage, out of harms way. Dread to think what she'll find to play with next.

Anyway, back to the Monopoly board, or Cluedo, or whatever I get dragged into next...


Ruth said...

- ah yes. The joys of 'playing games with children'. I'm not a fan of games at the best of times. But you have to, as a mum, don't you! (Fortunately Michael's attention span is still short enough to mean that most games are terminated half-way through and I'm more than happy to crown him the winner!

In fact, Michael has a game of tiddly winks lined up for me in a minute or two....

I do hope that the next door neighbours creatures great and small behaved for you.

Do you have any pets? I'd love a dog - but we won't get one - not here in London.

I hope that you enjoyed Christmas, despite the sickness - I hate it when they get that.

Happy 2007!

Louise said...

Ours have only just got an age (apart from Conall, but he's okay on 'a team') where they can play a game and enjoy it, so I've enjoyed the time I haven't had to! I'm way too competitive, I was ecstatic when I won Cluedo the other day. Kept very quiet when I lost at Monopoly, out of five! I was banker too, where did I go wrong...?

We used to have a German Shepherd, Megan. David bought her for me my first birthday after we got married,(if you see what I mean) but when we move into quarters (we had our own house originally) I felt it was unfair on the neighbours. Megan was used to being in a semi-rural area, so I thought having immediate neighbours would be confusing and upsetting for her. I didn't want her to bark alot and upset the little girl next door or other neighbours, so we re-homed her.

I was devastated and now I wish I hadn't bothered, 'cos everybody else round here is so ignorant and there a too_many_cats!

Sickness has passed, noone else has started (yet...) and 2007 is looming.

Hope you and yours have a fantastic one, thinking of you all.