Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wiggle dance!

My camellia is flowering! I hoped it would after all these years and it is, a very pretty red. ...and yes, I was so excited it's out of focus. Hey ho!
...and just for good measure, my boys in a loving moment.
We do get them, but Rhiannon is never there, unless I am!

Happy now, btw. Explained, very calmly, why I was so upset, received an apology and forgave. Haven't heard from her since though. Hmm...


Ruth said...

Lovely photos! You have lovely children.

I'm glad that the apology happened - hope person is in touch soon.

My two have both had sickness bugs - and are now recovered. But Michael has to take 48 ours off school after las vomit - which means mass arguments in the living room as they fight over the toys. Who'd have thought that a green muslin cloth could lead to World War Three - it is at the moment as they both want it. Why? What can you do with a blinkin' piece of cloth. I've come to seek refuge in your blog!

Louise said...

Thank you! I do think my boys are going to be hunks when they're older. Not quite sure where they get it from, there aren't any hunks in either family!

Sorry your two have been poorly, I'm glad they're feeling better now. 48 hours post vomit is a little extreme, it's only 24 hours here, which can still be a little taxing.

I've noticed your blog is little quiet...