Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oh, whoops

Er, I seem to have missed my own birthday.

No, not my birthday, the birthday of my blog. Whoops. Oh well, happy belated birthday, blog!

Other news, I went out for a run this morning. Two minutes past six, to be precise. Before David went to work. Bit keen you might think, but I don't like running in the heat and, whilst today is looking a bit misty and damp, you never can tell, so I bit the bullet and went out when I woke up.

I'm so glad I did! I ran, yes, ran all the way, two and a half miles. In twenty seven minutes! I'm sooooo chuffed and incredibly smug.

I have been gradually building up the distance, so I'm quite pleased. Hopefully, by the time we do our thirty five mile backpacking in two days challenge in nine weeks and five days, I'll be reasonably fit and maybe half a stone lighter. Wey hey!

Oh, and Rhiannon is on her school trip at the moment, five days in Glasgow. I'm not thinking about it. At all. Nope.

Ironing beckons, I'm on a roll for 'getting stuff done', so "I'll be back" (in a thick, Austrian accent,) later.


Ruth said...

I love those 'getting things done' moods! I had one last week - and cleaned the house to within an inch of its life.

Congratualtions on the running - that's something else I could do if we lived in the counrtyside - no point here - you'd pass out with the carbon monoxide!

Right, I'd better go and buy some food.... the cupboard is bare. And I've already done one and half days of scraping together what I can to form a meal.

Ruth said...

Sometimes my comments look a bit like the anagrams you get at the end of "Countdown", don't they! I hope that you can rearrange the letters and make some sort of sense of them!

Louise said...

Yes, I'm doing a bit of that tonight, even though came yesterday.

They could only delivered half the lamb steaks I needed for a meal for five, which is a bit of a bum. I feel a creative moment coming on!


Louise said...

I'd missed it! Oh yes, a Cliff moment. would have made an interesting song!


Anne said...

I too love "getting things done" days - what I don't understand is why sometimes it's easy, and other times I just can't do it. John took today off work to be around for the arrival of the chickens - it threw me right off - I'm used to having the house to myself on Wednesdays - in fact I got myself in such a snit that I disappeared to Waitrose "to get some money from the machine" - in fact to go and have a coffee and read the paper and CALM DOWN. (It didn't work totally, in that we still had a snarking match when I got back, but it was fun while it lasted.)

Louise said...

Chickens? What, the kind that lay eggs? Your very own fresh eggs laid by your very own hens?


I want some! I've wanted some for ages! That live in an Eggloo!

Ruth said...

Eggloo! I like it!

Shame you can't post us some fresh eggs Anne! (Please don't, by the way, as we've only just bought a new doormat!!)

I struggle when Mario has odd times off too. In theory, the idea of him being there to help is GREAT! But in practice, nothing gets done, I get behind, everything runs late and he ends up under my feet and in the way!

I am using phrases these days that suggest that I am turning old (as opposed to getting old - we all get old, but not everyone turns old) - like 'he gets under my feet' (of my hb). And, even, (in my head - I've only thought this, not yet said it) 'I think that I need to take something for my nerves'. I'll be getting a blue rinse next.

Louise said...

You are so right! Not that you need something for your nerves or, heaven forbid, a blue rinse! You do 'turn old' at a different rate to 'getting old' and from the people around you, (if that is grammatically incorrect, I apologise, my brain is numb today.) Whilst I remind myself frighteningly of my mother at times, I don't feel that I have 'turned' yet, in my head I still think like a stroppy teenager and daydream like a five year old, so I figure there's life in the old girl yet! It's just the outside that's letting my down a bit, but I'm working on that.