Sunday, May 27, 2007


...was my 39th birthday!

We had a lovely day, nice pressies and a trip to the cinema to see Pirates III and loved it.

I'm counting down the days till my next birthday, not saying I'm a tad excited. I love birthdays.

Happy birthday me!


Ruth said...

Happy birthday for yesterday! I hope you received my card.

I'm glad you had a great day - I love going to the cinema.

Michael woke up yesterday covered in spots - chicken pox! So that would explain his temperature the previous evening and his extreme tiredness over the past fortnight, perhaps.

(I say "covered in spots" - in fact his face and neck are covered, his trunk not so bad, and harldy any on his legs and arms. He's a brave soldier and getting on with life as usual. What we're ALL dreading is the moment that the resident Drama Queen (and I don't mean me, I've had it!!) goes down with it - any day now. She's definitely harbouring something. Never mind spots, I'm surprised she doesn't wake up with the numnbers 666 on her forehead sometimes!)

Anne said...

Happy birthday for last Saturday - sounds like a wonderful day.

And I think I'm pretty much over my 40 wobbles... on the whole I recommend it so far...