Sunday, July 16, 2006

...and more

The Beinn Eighe Mountain Trail. As you can see, David took this photograph of us before I managed to compose my face. I had struggled up the last few yards, it seemed to me to be a cliff face and clung on by my fingertips, crawling parts on my hands and knees with French tourists on my heels. If I could have said, "Give me some space!", (or words to that effect, but probably less polite...) in French, I would have. At this point, we were able to 'let them past'... then continue up another few yards where I wished my mother had been a mountain goat. She was not and nor am I. The views from the top were stunning (I made it!), Slioch to the front, Torridan range again and Loch Maree below.
We went to Inverewe Gardens towards the end of the holiday and saw some big plants. Didn't spend enough time here, so we will have to go back...

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