Monday, July 17, 2006

...and the poems

Well, I must confess. I did lie in my sleeping bag one night, trying to compose some poetry. At the time, I was working with words like buffeted, blown, blasted, windswept, torrential, battered, lashed... I think you get the picture.

It was windy at night. On a few occasions. Windy? That may be an understatement.

We had no bother during the day, it didn't rain and we were never prevented from doing anything we'd planned, in fact, it was perfect hillwalking weather, considering Aedan's pre-dispostion towards heatstroke, so our life was made easier.

At night, however, some sleep would have been useful.

It wasn't every night. Seven nights out of eleven. Should have been twelve, but after the eleventh, we had finished all our planned excursions and decided not to endure another night and spoil the holiday. So we went home a day early.

Plans for the future? We will go back, probably to the same site, but I plan to buy two new tents, perhaps offering a little more stability and without the vent on top, (flaps noisily in the wind and made it feel far worse than it really was) but each with two bedrooms so the children can be in one, (they are at an age where I think they'll be fine 'next door') we can have the other with a bedroom for storage so all the kit is out of the way. Marvellous!

I'm excited about next year already. I've been looking at tents. And campsites.

David says I have to calm down...

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