Thursday, July 20, 2006

Take me with you

I watch you soring high between the mountain tops,
Your wings spread wide, you glide with ease.
The sun shines golden on your back;
An eagle, master of the sky,
Majestic, graceful yet powerful and feared.

You have freedom, grace and strength unrivalled.
My spirit strengthens as you fly above me,
I yearn to reach you, breathless with desire.
I ache for your power, release and wandering,
Take me with you.


Ruth said...

I love your poems. I LOVE your last lines. This one seems to say something about the writer as well as about the eagle. If you were to publish your poems, I'd buy them.

I wonder where you were when you wrote it? Was it when camping, or upon your return?

Louise said...

Thank you, you are very kind.

This was after we got back.

The only one I was composing was one night, curled up in my sleeping bag as a rather stiff south-westerly tried to take our tent away.

I don't think I can get the feeling again to actually get that one down on paper, or screen. I'll have a think!