Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm back!

Just in case anyone has missed me (?!), I'm back.

We've had a wonderful time.

Mountains! My word, they are beautiful, awesome, outstanding.

The beach just outside my tent flap. Well, ok, that was the draw for the children, mine was watching the gannets diving, the guillemots and razorbills floating by, the skuas pinching fish from the gannets, watching for fins (basking sharks. I didn't see any, but Rhiannon did) and all that kind of nature stuff.

We walked and saw beautiful things. Some of these walks turned into a bit of a scramble in the high places. We saw a Golden Eagle! Breathtaking and we watched it soring between peaks for nearly 15 minutes before the children became restless. Enough, already! The Mountain Trail at Beinn Eighe was just that. I am no mountain goat, as the french who pushed past me on the edge of a precipice will vouch for. I did bits of that one on my hands and knees in terror, realising halfway between the two hard bits that there was no going back and that despite my utter terror, I had to go on. Felt no sense of achievement when I got to the top, just relief. It was a fabulous view though. If there is a next time I'll do that one backwards. No, not facing backwards. From the end to the top, turn around and go back down. I think.

Pony trekking, twice! Once as a family, then the family minus me, I was on a longer trek. Stunning views of a waterfall and the Torridan mountains in the distance!

Marine Life boat cruise was great, seeing gannets and stuff in real life, instead of with Sir DA, fantastic.

Too much to go on, I'll download the photos from the stick thing (technical stuff that plugged into David's laptop) and choose the most stunning and memorable ones to post. Maybe even the one of me, terrified, taken just before I composed my face. Can't trust a man with a camera!

I'll be back...

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Ruth said...

I'm so glad you had a good holiday. I've really missed you! It's GREAT to have you back and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

I couldn't quite remember whether you were away for 1 week or 2, but worked it out v. quickly when, at the end of week 1, I visited your blog hoping to find you there again!

I really missed you!

Ruth xxx