Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I was going to tell you something funny, but for the moment I've forgotten what. I've been rather distracted and reminded of something completely different.

After I'd been out for my walk to the farmshop, I went to hang my coat up in the cupboard, only to spot an EMORMOUS black, hairy spider, on the wall, above the coat pegs.

I screamed and shut the door.

I had to sit down because I'd had a nasty fright.

I have since realised, my husband may not be home for lunch, by which time, said intruder will have disappeared.

Not a happy bunny.

It reminded me of a visit to the hairdressers, years ago, in Inverness.

Having been 'done', I was offered my jacket, which I put on, flicked the collar to make it comfortable, then left the salon and walked about half a mile back into the town (it wasn't a city then...) to Boots. As I was stood standing, trying to choose a photograph frame, I became aware of movement on my shoulder.

I wiped 'it' off and watched with horror as 'it' landed on the floor and scuttled under the shelves.

I restrained myself from ripping my clothes of there and then, but departed quick smart to the car park, where I ripped off my jacket and sat in the car with palpatations.

It was an horrific experience.

The hb will now have to take all my coats, scarves, hats etc out of the cupboard, give them a good shake, stamp on them and ensure there are no intruders hiding in them. My heart isn't as young as it used to be, I don't think I could stand the fright again.


Ruth said...

I feel for you, I really do. 'Touch wood in a big way': I've never had such a close encounter with a spider. One landed on Mario's head whilst he was standing at the bathroom sink a while ago, which gave me the colliewobbles purely because I thought of how easily it could've been me standing there!

Louise said...

Oh joy! David popped in for lunch and the critter was still there.

It isn't now!

I had another 'close encounter' when I was living alone in my early twenties.

Splashing my face in a sink full of water, I heard a loud 'plop'. I dried my face, looked into the water and an EVEN MORE ENORMOUS spider (than the one at the hairdressers) had fallen from the ceiling into the water, narrowly missing my head.

I went into shock.

I haven't used that method to wash my face since...