Sunday, March 04, 2007

Did you see it?

We had a lovely view of the lunar eclipse last night from our back doorstep and when it got too chilly, (was a tad nippy last night!) we craned our necks to see round the corner from the dining room patio doors. For something that sounds quite ordinary, it was actually quite extraordinary. The shadowing and the slight orange hue gave the moon a really 3-D effect, which obviously sounds a bit odd, but the moon does tend to look like a white circle hanging in the sky rather than a solid object. Last night it looked beautiful and a little surreal.

Couldn't take photograph, David said our camera wouldn't and I believed him rather than trying. He has a nasty habit of being right on technical issues, but then, that's his job.

Next Friday is Conall's first school assembly and he has quite an appropriate line. "In spring birds build nests and lay their eggs in them." I don't think daddy will be able to make it, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times he has, (but there always seems to be plenty other 'men in blue' at these things...) so I shall report back about my budding star.

And that is as exciting as it gets round here.

I shall go and get breakfast.


Ruth said...

I kept checking the moon for signs of the eclipse, but nothing here..... maybe I gave up too early.... (10pm)?

Isn't it great that parents get to see their assemblies these days!

Louise said...

My friend who lives a little further into the countryside, around 3 miles from here, rang 8.30pm to say it had started where she was, but we got the best view between about 10.15 and 10.45pm. Maybe you have a little too much 'light pollution' where you are? It was quite subtle though, I thought.

It is lovely seeing their assemblies, but each class only does one a year, so I guess it's easier to let parents in for that. In our day at Scartho, each class did one a term! Must have been a nightmare.

Anne said...

It was good and clear here, but I was in bed - there are some good pics on the BBC website though:

(John tried to take some - I think David was right...)

Louise said...

Grrrr. Not in the mood for David to be right, it's my turn!

We got the two eldest up for a quick look, as they had shown an interest. They looked out of Aedan's bedroom window first, then David suggested they came downstairs to have a look through the binos, but Aedan was a little underwhelmed and opted to go back to bed, whilst Rhiannon came downstairs and had a look. She thought it was "Really cool!", then went to bed.

Aedan has absolutely no recollection of looking at all. Ask him about food or a fishing trip and you'll get every detail...

Ruth said...

... do you remember how 'underwhelming' the solar eclipse was in 2000?!

Louise said...

Er, think it was 1999, 'cos we were still in Ardersier and I remember Megan, (our german shepherd) being outside by the gate and me sitting inside with two toddlers and a baby, waiting for something exciting to happen. It went a bit dull I think, but it was a cloudy day.

I remember watching the people on television at a beach in Cornwall too.

It's interesting how lives are made up of bits of history, like the Queen's Jubilee, the Royal weddings, the brighten bombing, Diana's death (which I shall never forget), Solar eclipse, 9/11, tsunami, London bombing, like punctuation marks of time.

My mum remembers JFK's assination as if it was yesterday.

I hope I have memories of my own life so vivid and not just history of the world.

I've had a sherry and a glass of Merlot (or two...) can you tell?