Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mixed moments

So, yesterday I was thinking, "Yey, I have no car to breakdown and if the dishwasher or washing machine breakdown, I can live without them for a couple of days 'til David gets home, no worries!"

Then, I woke up this morning. To my total and utter horror, there was an enormous spider, on the ceiling, above my bed.

And it kept moving.

Took me ages to get dressed, put my make-up on and do my hair, I kept having to check over my shoulder to see what it as up to. It couldn't have picked a worse place to jangle my nerves!

All day, I kept popping upstairs to check up on him and by the time the children came home from school, I couldn't stand it any longer. Aedan took the vacuum cleaner upstairs, stood on a chair and sucked it up the extension tube. He even placated me in the same bored tone as David does, "Yes, it's gone. Yes, it's dead."

So, that's dealt with.

This morning, I finally got around to starting my light weight training, (for my backpacking trip). I did about half an hour with 1.5 kg weights and just two sets of 12 repetitions. Oddly enough, this evening I have found that when I put my dressing gown on, when I normally have pain in my upper arm, (the tendonitis) I have none! Neat! Maybe, if I keep up with it, by the time my appointment with the physiotherapist comes through, I won't need it. Now, that would be great.

We'll see.


Anne said...

Oh ((((Louise)))) - thank goodness Aedan knows how to deal with them!

Ruth said...

We had a funny old beetle thing in our bathroom the other day. It looked a bit like a coat of arms, with legs. I decided to let it wait till Mario came home, but which time it had disappeared. Six legs aren't as bad as 8 - but I keep wondering when and where it will re-emerge.

My news? Isabel can wee in her potty. No problem whatsoever. She got the hang of it instantly. What she can not get the hang of is pulling her panties down first!!

Louise said...

Ah, yes, pulling down panties is always a good start to approaching a potty.

It's interesting, don't you think, that this is something that apparently returns to us in old age?

I can't wait...