Thursday, May 17, 2007

My boy!

My boy's going to be an engineer.

He's just won a commended place in the Regional Final at Aberdeen with his partner, Daniel, in the school K'Nex Challenge, Junior Engineer competition. They were in the top 10 teams out of 160 in North East Scotland.

As my mother would say, "Proud? I should coco!"

Never understood that one myself, but fits the bill. Chuffed to bits!

They've to go to Glasgow for the Final on the 20th June.

I'm not sure who's more excited...


Anne said...

Congratulations! That's some achievement!

Ruth said...

Fantastic. I'm feeling pretty excited about this myself! I know that "it's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part", but I really hope he wins!

(Just like we won the duet section of the Grimsby and district recorder festival in 1979!!!!!!!!)

Talking about Grimsby, funnily enough, I've recently met 'a new mum' with a daughter who is the same age as mine. Turns out the mum's a vicar's daughter from Grimsby too!

Louise said...

Very excited, I have to say. Thank you both too!

How bizarre, meeting another vicar's daughter from Grimsby, let alone one with a daughter the same age. Which church?

(Aedan got Star Worker of the Week today for his achievement in Aberdeen too. He's a tad smug. Entitled to be, I think!)