Thursday, October 25, 2007

Get a grip!

For the first time in years, I'm making my own Christmas cake and puds, (having found out that my husband's disliking for dark fruit cake was actually the candied peel, "Well, I can leave that out!")

However, my brain is a little older and more tired.

I only ever make half the mix, it's plenty. I managed to halve all the dry ingredients, overcame the lack of white breadcrumbs, (who'll know they're wholemeal if I don't tell them?) and got the wet ingredients ready.

That's when I lost my concentration slightly. I had twice the amount of milk with the right amount of eggs and twice the amount of brandy with the right amount of lemon juice.


I feel brandy sours and omlette coming on!


Anonymous said...

Ruth here-

I made a Christmas cake last year. Despite soaking the fruit in brandy over-night before baking, and then feeding the cake with brandy every fortnight for two months, I still felt that it needed more brandy. You could hardly taste the brandy!

This year I'm not making a fruit cake (despite the fact that it's such a lovely things to do and smells so good whilst cooking). I'm going to make a children's sponge with white icing and snowmen and father Christmas and all that jazz.

All planned!

My sister is now used to the fact that I ring her at the end of every October to discuss with her what I'm planning to feed everyone with on Christmas day!!

Louise said...

Oh, I love the forward planning! My sister loves to know what I'm giving mum and dad when they visit. She's coming up herself in March and I just know she's going to ask about food any day now.

Oh crumbs! Even I don't list that far ahead! (Says the girl who's planning her holiday in July 2008. Ho hum!)