Thursday, October 18, 2007

So cute!

We've reached a stage where the children are old and capable enough to help each other get breakfast, or even lunch, if I'm in the mood to let them. (Obviously, I'm always on hand, just shutting my eyes and blocking my ears in another room!)

This was just too cute though, this morning.

I went through to the kitchen to cut bread for toast for them, but only the girls were in the dining room. As I walked into the kitchen, I asked, "Where are the boys, I thought you were all getting breakfast?", only to find Aedan standing by the kitchen worktop. I was followed into the kitchen by Rhiannon, carrying a piece of paper, which she tucked into the cupboard, saying, "I'm the waitress taking the order and Aedan's the chef making the food."

Ah, sweet!

(And Conall's part? He was under the table. I didn't ask why...)


Anonymous said...

That's great ... and next they'll be bringing you breakfast in bed!

Love from Ruth xxxx

Louise said...

Oh no! Please not. Lovely thought perhaps, but no, I really couldn't cope with that. Little children, with hands, germs, fluff, hair, touching my food?

It's one of my 'things', I'm really funny about who touches my food. Imagine what I'm like out and about...

It can be quite traumatic. Especially for David!


Anonymous said...

I have that trait too! I once bought a sandwich, which was made up in front of me. I didn't like the state of the sandwich-makers hands, so I promptly threw the sandwich in the nearest bin when I left the shop. I also once made a coffee-shop-worker make me another coffee after they accidentally allowed one of their fingers (that had been handling money) to skim the surface of my latte.

Oh yes. I'm very fussy!

Love from Ruth xxx

Louise said...

It never fails to amaze me that, even though we have spent more years as distant friends than close-by, we are so, incredibly similar! I wonder if we would still have been friends had we lived closer?

(The answer is, of course YES!!)


Anonymous said...

.... I'm sure we'd still be friends if we lived closer. Having said that I seem to have become irritating lately. I don't know why but I get a strong sense that I irritate other women - especially other mothers. Normally, in the past, when I've been irritating, I've been able to work out why and either change or not. But I can't work out what I'm doing at the moment..... Oh well.