Thursday, October 25, 2007

A giggle

Conall wrote invitations to his friends yesterday to invite them to his birthday party. (His birthday isn't until April and he's not having a party, but that's not important.)

Dear Graeme
Wied you lake to come to my panty.

It made me smile.


Anne said...


Anonymous said...


And good for you for resisting the pressure to throw a party.

Ruth xxx

Louise said...

I don't 'do' parties, at all costs! I've tried to allow them one in their first year at school, but then it's mainly treats as a family, you know the sort of thing, a bus ride to the cinema etc.

Mainly because I'm mean and I resent spending even small amounts of money on other peoples (ungrateful) children that I probably don't even like because I'm very choosey!

Anonymous said...

Ruth here

I went the whole hog this year and threw a party for the whole of Michael's class (along with another mother who's birthday fell at around teh same date). All went relatively well - we kept the costs down by NOT hiring an entertainer, but by running the thing ourselves (one football, one whistle and her brother to referee). However, we did end up with a houseful of presents. I see this a major disadvantage to throwing a party. They have too many toys as it is,without adding 20 more to the pile.