Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wedding trip

Well, we had a lovely time, very peaceful without the children and lovely to catch up with an old friend at his wedding.

Shame that David managed to come home with food poisoning, but hey, if he will insist on eating seafood at a finger buffet, (which I never do!) what does one expect?! Still, it didn't spoil the wedding, just the journey home. Bless him, it wasn't until three o'clock on Monday morning when I realised he didn't have the (well deserved) hangover from hell, but food poisoning.

Conall was sick Monday morning too, but as he hadn't been with us, it wasn't connected. He'd been with his aunt's dog all weekend and with his pet allergy, he seems to collect the gunk on his chest and then deposit it, at least he makes it to the toilet these days. He has, however been suffering a sore throat and headache, (like me, but I've to soldier on, as one parent is already out of action!) so he's been off school. I hate keeping my children off school, it's unheard of, but best I think as he didn't wake up until ten o'clock this morning. Maybe he can go back in after lunch. Hey ho!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - I hope that your patients are better. (I never touch seafood when out either - it usually makes me ill). You look absolutel beautiful. I love the top. Where did you get it from?

Love from Ruth xxxx

Louise said...

Conall is still struggling a little with a sore throat/cough, but he's happy in himself and back to school, hurrah! David is still struggling a little, but mainly lack of energy/extreme tiredness, poor poppet.

Just had the groom on the phone, apparently at least forty guests are ill, his new wife has been in hospital on a drip and enviromental health are involved. What a shame! It was a lovely hotel and a fabulous do, I feel rotten for them, but at least the wedding itself wasn't spoilt. They haven't been able to go on their honeymoon though, that's pants.

Oh, and thank you! I love this top and it was an absolute bargain. From Monsoon! It's one of my most favourite shops and this top was in the sale, reduced from £55 to £14 something in the end, because it should have had a belt. You wouldn't know!

It's silk and hand embellished with beads/sequins and embroidery, so unfortunately dry clean only, but even if it gets ruined, it was still worth it! I felt lovely in it. Just a shame the trousers ended up too long because they were a shade big. If you look closely, you can't see my feet and that was with my highest shoes on!

Anonymous said...

That is such terrible news about the food poisoning - not what you want after your wedding at all.

I hope everybody's feeling better in your household now. I, myself, am feeling very tired and I'm not sure why.... I think it's the addition of three bellringing sessions per week and the running of the sunday school - I've taken on a little too much too soon. Plus I can't get to sleep at night for reading! And then there are the early mornings...

Two people have told me that I look tired and I can't help but notice that I do. What I need is some good make-up, I think!

Lots of love to you all

Ruth xxx