Monday, October 08, 2007

Just a trifle

It is a family trifle recipe, my mother's to be precise, (although I dare say she pinched it from somewhere), and it is so incredibly easy and involves no real cooking. A bit of slicing, boiling water, boiling milk, whipping cream and mixing a few bits, but the tradition is at the point of serving.

This trifle is not a success unless it slurps.

Yes, you read that right. The trifle must slurp as the first spoonful is served.

Imagine the children's delight and ensuing hilarity as I produced six individual trifles yesterday, just for a bit of fun. We had to listen to each one intently as the first spoonful was taken, one or two even slurped more than once!

Oh yes, a great success indeed, the slurping trifles.


Anonymous said...


Just thinking about slurping trifles had me giggling!

Love from Ruth xxxx

Louise said...

I thought it might. I do like to brighten your day!


Anne said...

When I was teaching in secondary school and had to do PHSE, I had various bits of training on how to deal with the issue of drugs - one of the things we were told to consider was the rituals associated with our social drugs of choice - eg the glugging of a wine-bottle.

Seems to me that the slurping of a trifle comes under the same category.

I mean, even just thinking about the slurping lifted Ruth's mood...

Louise said...

So true.

(...and you can't beat the glugging of a wine bottle to lift mine!) x

Louise said...

(...except the pop of the cork ofcourse.)