Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pony Trekking

Yes, we went pony trekking, the photos are from the second trek, when 'the family' had a forty five minute trek, minus me. I had an hour trek on my own with the proprietor, Danielle, which was a treat. There were a few closeups of me on Jake, but not so flattering to my thighs, so we stuck with this view! Aedan, Conall, Ciara and Rhiannon on pony back too, but no David. How did he manage to escape? I'll get him next time. The ponies are Tarsha, Robbie, Lady and Carrie, David rode Belle. Super time was had by all!


Ruth said...

These photos are great - thank you so much for letting us see them. The holiday looks absolutely wonderful. I love the tent, the horses (sorry, ponies), the views - ahhh the views. You look so immaculate despite having walked so far - you beautiful thing you. I shall be visiting again to have another look at these. You have 4 very lovely and very lucky children there. I love the snaps of them sleeping! I can't wait to meet them.

Louise said...

Immaculate? Terrified!!! Closest I've ever been to a panic attack. Bizarre thing was, despite having done something that I hated and scared me wittless, I felt no sense of achievement, even though the views at the top were fabulous. Very odd.

Fabulous holiday! To enjoy camping to the full, go prepared, but relax and enjoy every moment. The children will!