Saturday, November 04, 2006

All change

I'm waiting for David to come back to the farm shop and I'm bored. I need him because there is a spider on the ceiling in our bedroom. I may have got better with the eight legged monsters over recent years, but I still can't bear them on the ceiling.

He's not going to like me. I've sent him there for potatoes. I've just remembered, we need green veg for dinner tonight.

And tomorrow.

I can feel a walk in the fresh air coming on.

Once this spider is gone and I've got some clothes on. I'm used to funny looks, but that's taking it a bit too far...


Louise said...

Oh, and the fancy dress party is cancelled. I'm gutted!

I'm going to a Partylite party instead. (That's like a tupperwear party, but for candles instead, for those of you that don't know.)

Still fun, but not quite the same.

Ruth said...

Take a leaf out of my book. Grovel and get HIM to go back for the greens!!!!

I keep popping "to Scotland" (as I call it in my head when I visit your blog) hoping to see evidence of your old photo albums... I've a guddun of you and I outside number 39. I'll be photographing said photograph (because we're still stone age down south), getting it developed and publishing it on a blog near you soon!

Sometimes I feel I should finish my comments on people's blogs by saying that, no, I haven't been drinking - as I'm sure I sound doo lally. But this evening, I must confess to being sloshed!!!

Time to go commenting on some more blogs, methinks!!

Have I told you lately that I love you...?

Ruth said...

p.s. why not the ceiling? --- is it that thing where they create a thread and drop down on you ?




Louise said...

Rhiannon, Aedan and I took a stroll down to the farmshop in the end and it was actually quite pleasant.

I have tried to do the old photograph a photograph thing from my album, but it needs refining a bit. My, no, David's (!) digital camera doesn't like it. I'll persevere! It's the one of you posing with Tara I want to do. Remember Tara? The dalmation that lived next door to me? And you don't like dogs...

Ah, the ceiling thing. Well...

I was living on my own in a dear little two up, two down in Louth, near Hubbard's Hills. One morning, I had arisen and was gaily splashing my face with water from the handwash basin, when I heard a 'plop'. "Gosh," I thought to myself, "That droplet must have gone high, it took longer to land than the rest." Ha! See, spiders are sneaky, when they drop off the ceiling. And it was ENORMOUS! I didn't spot it before because I am soooo short sighted and I didn't used to put my glasses on first.

I do now.