Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I've been hearing a lot of gripes lately about bins and recycling. I understand a new system is being introduced (in North Lincolnshire?) whereby residents are given recycling boxes/bins for items such as paper and tins and other, non-recyclable waste goes into an ordinary bin, garden refuse into another. The recycling boxes are then emptied weekly and the ordinary and garden bins alternate eeks. This idea appears to have caused uproar.

Now, I can't remember when, but at least eighteen months ago, we had this system introduced locally. At the time, we had two green wheelie bins, (because I'm greedy and I pinched one from one of the empty quarters that was about to be demolished) which were both usually full every week. Now, our boxes, one for cardboard and paper, the other for bottles and tins, are emptied weekly and our green and brown bins alternate weeks. The boxes have a perfect capicity for us, even as a family of six, although I do know other families who have requested extra boxes, (but then, they are the types that live on takeaway pizza and drink lots of beer and wine...) our green bin is rarely full and we only ever put out one a fortnight, our brown bin hardly goes out at all. (I don't garden much because of the cat problem, a completely seperate gripe.)

So, it works. It is easy, but then, we have the advantage of being reasonably environmently aware and have always avoided unnecessary packaging and the like. Before this system, David often paid a visit to the local recycling centre to dispose of bottles and cardboard, now it saves him the trip.

Quite handy, considering we don't have a car anymore...


Anonymous said...

Hi Louise
The recycling scheme has been going on in some areas of scunthorpe for five years now! Without many problems it is only since the council became sloppy at dates and times of refuse collections and spilling rubbish all over the streets !!!that there has been a problem ( family of 4 scunthorpe)

Louise said...

What a shame to have spoilt a good system with bad organisation! I hope they get it sorted out soon for you.

There were problems here for a while, the wrong lids had been supplied with the boxes so they didn't clip on, but a nice heavy stone solves that one.

I used to live near Scunthorpe, oddly enough, as a child, at Grimsby (!!) then later at Louth. Nice part of the world.

(Happier up here though.)

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