Friday, November 24, 2006

More excitement

That is an utter lie.

It was a very uneventful trip on a train to Inverness for Rhiannon's second appointment at the orthodontist, this time for x-rays. Now, they were exciting! A fine toy to play with the man has. You stand still, holding onto a bar in front of you with your chin on a plate while the machine goes round your head and takes the x-ray. Seconds later, you see the results on a computer screen, ta da!

The upshot of all that is Rhiannon's adult canines are not well placed and to help them come through in the correct place, the baby canines need to be taken out. Oh bum. However, our dentist will do that and we won't have to have another trip to see the nice orthodontist for another year.

By which time, we might, just might, have a new car, which will make the whole experience far easier!

The other excitement came about on our return. Two of my other children, the middle two, Aedan and Ciara, have been awarded 'Starworker of the Week' today, yey! Little stars. They get to pick the film for film night tonight and we are having Toy Story, which we haven't seen for a while.

All in all, a lovely end to a busy week.

Can I sleep now?


Anne said...

Shame she needs to have the baby canines out, but at least it can be done locally.

Yes, you can sleep now - so long as I can too?

Louise said...

She is totally unfazed. Typical. But good!

Sleep! Yes, I'll share x

Ruth said...

It's good that she's unfazed.

Can I sleep too? I mean beyond 5.30 am? (Isabel's going through an early-waking faze)

ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz. Matchsicks please!

Louise said...

Could have done without the visit from Conall at around 1.30am needing his back scratched...

Then half an hour later, he couldn't even be bothered to get out of bed to tell me he wanted the itches to go away, I had to go to him!

Could I get back to sleep? Could I?