Monday, November 06, 2006



This may not be a topic of debate you wanted, but I need some advice. Other than, "Just don't do it!" which is tempting.

I flicked a duster around this morning, then threw the vacuum cleaner about a bit, just to look willing. Downstairs toilet, then the bathroom upstairs followed. This was all avoiding the real issue, the kitchen floor.

I despise cleaning the kitchen floor. It is a real cacky colour that never looks clean anyway and fourteen year old linoleum is pretty hard work at the best of times. However, I'd decided it must be my mop that wasn't cleaning properly and that I should make a real effort, getting down on my hands and knees with a bucket and cloth to give it a proper clean. Stupid idea that was! I didn't even have the satisfaction of the floor looking better!

So, now, the question is, is it really my choice of floor cleaner that is the problem, and, if so, what would do the job better? I thought, rather than spend a fortune trying lots of different cleaners, perhaps someone (R and A?) out there might have some ideas. I know you are like me, not big on cleaning, but you might just know of a magic product that helps you get away with this and you might share your secret with me.


The only positive thing I got out of the exercise was exercise. And who wants to do that!


Anne said...

I'm not exactly the world's greatest expert on clean floors (our kitchen floor has been on my "to do" list for rather too long...)

Have a look at somewhere like The Fly Lady
(I decided to follow her program - I had a shiny sink for all of 3 days...)

Ruth said...

There's something I'm rather taken by at the moment and it's cillit bang (possibly spelt differently). Not sure whether it won't dissolve your lino totally though.... try it on a small patch first!

Louise said...

Actually, dissolving the lino might be just the ticket. Thanks ladies!

(I'll just hop off the fence and go to collect Conall from school.)