Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who's law?

I came home from school today, instead of walking straight to the farm shop, because I knew I was expecting a parcel. I decided to wait in until the postman had been.

He duely came and went, putting post through my letter box, but not ringing my doorbell to deliver a parcel.

"Grand", me thinks, "I can go to the farm shop now."

I got home, forty five minutes later, to find a card from a courier through my letter box, announcing that little-man-in-a-van had tried to deliver a parcel, but had returned it to the depot and I now need to make a phone call, (major pet-hate) to request another delivery.



Anne said...

Heh - I've tried to post this comment once already, but it's not shown up yet - apologies if you get it twice.

Since you're expecting a parcel, I'm sure this is OK, but there are often scams at this time of year - see

Louise said...

I am expecting a parcel, but now you've got me worried!

It should be the shampoo/leave-in spray for the little darlings, I hope, 'cos they're using mine...

Yes, there seem to be gremlins at work. If I make a comment on yours that doesn't appear immediately, I tend to take a detour through John's blog, (which is a wonderfully scenic route. Taxes the old grey matter!) and get to yours that way.

Interesting but completely useless piece of information.

Ruth said...

Oh I know the answer to that one. It's Sod's. It applies itself to my life on a very frequent basis!

Louise said...

It certainly is and don't I know it!